Product & Solutions

Product & Solutions
Payment System

A regulated financial services company that handles hundreds of transactions per month. Our rate and fees are constantly checked against our competitors and always better than main street banks.

A unique experience for the most varied types of business.

Payment Methods

We offer a range of payment solutions.

Pagotec wants to facilitate and speed up the payment methods of its customers, therefore, it offers payments by ACH, Wire Transfers, SEPA and others*.

*Consult our team about the best option available for your company.

Marketplace Compliance

All our clients and their operations undergo a rigorous KYC and Client Due Diligence process, which includes Client Identification Program (CIP), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Risk Assessment and Client Risk Rating (CRR), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Sanctions Screening (OFAC, EU, etc.), Adverse Media Screening, Alerts and Remediation Investigations, and KYC Renewals. For this, we use state-of-the-art tools to consult the necessary information.

All this care requires a focused, experienced team with access to the right tools. We know that not all our customers have this capacity, whether it is human or technological, so at Pagotec, in addition to verifying our customers, we also help them by performing the verification of their suppliers, providing the Pagotec customer with greater peace of mind even before closing deals with their counterparts.

Consult our team of experts and learn more about this innovative solution made available by Pagotec to its customers.


Integrated solutions for the most diverse markets: B2B, Marketplace, Importers & Exporters and E-Commerce.